Bladder Health & Raspberry Leaf Tea

Most people only take the time to consider the health of their bladder on the way to the bathroom.  After all, when the bladder is functioning properly, it’s easy to forget about. Unfortunately, few people consider what they can do to keep their bladder healthy until it has already begun to malfunction, at which point they must struggle to restore their health while suffering through uncomfortable and inconvenient bladder problems. The good news is that being proactive about maintaining a healthy bladder can actually be quite easy. A refreshing cup of raspberry leaf tea can offer a wealth of benefits for the bladder, and can make daily bladder care a simple addition to your healthy lifestyle.

A Healthy Functioning Bladder

Similar to the lungs, the bladder is a hollow organ that expands and deflates like a balloon, collecting urine to be expelled from the body. This action is controlled by ligaments which hold the bladder in place and manage its functions; these muscles are responsible for both assisting in the release of urine and preventing it from being released prematurely. When these muscles fail to hold in the urine or have difficulty expelling the urine, it can lead to bladder leaks. This is known as incontinence.

Understanding Incontinence

While incontinence is typically thought to be age-related, it can actually affect people of any age. Incontinence usually falls under one of three types. Stress incontinence is caused when a bladder leak is caused by pressure from activities such as coughing, sneezing or laughing. This kind of incontinence is common and rarely a cause for concern. Urge incontinence, however, is a sudden, powerful urge to urinate followed by an involuntary release of urine. Urges to urinate may be frequent and can even cause someone to wake up multiple times at night to urinate. The third type, overflow incontinence, occurs when the bladder is unable to fully empty, and the remaining urine leaks out gradually. The latter two types of incontinence are deemed more serious, and should be seen by a doctor as soon as it is identified.

Drinking Raspberry Leaf Tea for Bladder Health

The same qualities that make raspberry leaf such a useful herb for women’s health also lend themselves to protecting a healthy bladder. Raspberry leaf tea is loaded with tannins, astringent compounds that have a toning effect on various muscles in the body. By regularly drinking raspberry leaf tea, you can help to keep the ligaments surrounding the bladder in good condition, allowing them to function properly and reducing the likelihood of incontinence. As an added benefit, the tea can also help to flush out uric acid and other harmful substances from the kidney and expel them through the bladder, thus benefitting other areas of the body.

Pregnant women will find raspberry leaf tea to be especially useful, as increased pressure on the bladder during pregnancy not only leads to frequent urination, but can also be responsible for temporary incontinence. Raspberry leaf tea is typically viewed as safe for use during pregnancy; even so, it is advised to always notify your doctor before drinking this tea while pregnant.