Bleach-Free Tea Bags

For ages, many herbal teas have been used as health tonics and gentle relief for a multitude of health related issues. Drinking teas is a convenient way to relax or rid your body of unwanted discomforts. What makes things even more convenient is that many teas today are sold in teabags instead of as loose herbs and leaves that need to be brewed and then strained afterwards. This makes it even quicker for anyone to prepare a relaxing cup to settle down with. Soon however, with growing use of teabags there came with it a strong health risk that many people are still unaware of. Although materials like silk and muslin had been used in the past to make teabags, the majority of teabags that are sold locally today are usually made from paper that comes from vegetable and wood fibers. This paper is then bleached afterwards to give a more appealing appearance to the buyer. Because of this, traces of chlorine seep from the paper into the tea that it steeps in. As more consumers develop a greater awareness of these harmful chemicals, many make the choice to switch to bleach-free teabags.

The Health Risks of Bleached Tea Bags

Many people don’t realize how many health risks tag along with the use of bleached tea bags. The main risk that comes with drinking tea from bleached tea bags is in the chemical dioxin. Tea bags that have been bleached with chlorine allow dioxin to seep into what we drink. The dioxin then goes into our body to be absorbed in our fat tissue. What is worse is this chemical does not leave easily, straying in our body for a period of up to eleven years. If that’s not bad enough, the buildup of this toxic chemical goes on to agitate and disrupt the hormones in the body. There are many studies that heavily warn against this chemical, stressing that even minimal exposures of it can lead to life threatening illnesses, development and behavior disorders, as well as cancers. For these crucial reasons, many people are switching to other alternatives.

Why Use Bleach-Free Tea Bags?

Drinking teas can certainly bring a sense of satisfaction knowing that not only are you partaking in something that is enjoyable in taste, but is also beneficial to your health. However, this pleasant feeling can quickly be lost to those that realize that these benefits are coming at the cost of introducing harmful chemicals in the body. Especially if you know that these particular chemicals have the potential to negatively, sometimes permanently alter the life of you and those that you care for. Luckily, increased awareness has been causing a lot of companies to switch to bleach-free methods of making teabags. Using bleach-free teabags will rid you of this unpleasant feeling, so that you can get back to properly enjoying the natural benefits of the tea at its full potential, without having to make any sacrifices toward your health.

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