Raspberry Tea for Breast Feeding

Raspberry tea has been used for centuries for the variety of essential health benefits it has to offer. This has been particularly true in its use for women’s health. This is because unlike other herbal remedies, raspberry tea has been deemed safe for both pregnant and nursing women to drink. As a result of this, it has been quick to become a popular remedy for a variety of ailments in women. Among these ailments, one particular benefit of drinking raspberry tea that has caught the attention of many new mothers is its ability to assist in increasing milk production while breastfeeding.


Breast milk is essential for newborn babies since it is far easier for them to digest than formula milk. It is also far healthier for them, containing many essential nutrients that the baby needs in order to properly develop and grow. Cells, hormones, and antibodies that are in breast milk are of utmost importance to a growing baby because it helps them grow stronger so that they can help them fight off the sicknesses that newborns are prone to. Many studies show that formula fed babies are more prone to illness such as asthma, ear infection, diarrhea, and even serious gastrointestinal and respiratory infections.

Causes of Low Milk Production

Unfortunately, sometimes mothers cannot as easily offer their baby this nutrient rich milk as they would like to. The underlying reasons for this are many, however in some cases a lack of the proper vitamins, minerals, and nutrients can cause hindrance for proper milk production. Other causes include lack of proper sleep, stress, and post-partum depression which is also common for women to experience after pregnancy. In cases like this, oftentimes rather than turn to formula, many women use herbal remedies to help them increase lactation.

How Raspberry Tea Helps

Raspberry tea is often a choice that many mother’s turn to when looking to increase their milk production. This is because raspberry tea is a safe and gentle drink for both pregnant and breastfeeding women. Although it can be used for the many benefits it can offer during pregnancy, it also has a fair share of additional benefits that can be taken advantage of after pregnancy as well. Raspberry tea helps produce estrogens in the body which are responsible for stimulating proper milk production in women. Because it helps balance out hormones in the body, it allows the body to feel more soothed and relaxed, which in turn can ward off feelings of depression. This is important since depression can one of the underlying causes of low milk supply in breast feeding women. Raspberry tea also helps to strengthen the muscles of the uterus, which can lessen pain considerably after childbirth and during breastfeeding.

How Much Raspberry Tea Is Needed?

As with most herbal remedies, it is usually suggested to drink them regularly so that your body can have time to absorb all the minerals and nutrients that it needs for the change. Since raspberry tea is a natural herbal remedy that is safe for women both during and after pregnancy, up to four to five cups can be drank a day throughout the day. Like with many things, the effects that the tea has for these specific issues may be a little different with everyone, but it is generally better to drink it regularly in order to get the best potential out of the tea.

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